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We Are a Powerful Team of Electritians

-Lighting installs- interior & exterior

Transform your home or business with our expert lighting installation services. From LED retrofits to custom design, we bring energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions to any space.

-Generator Hookup

Ensure your home is never without power with our reliable home generator installation and repair services. Count on us for top-qualityequipment,  expert installation, and responsive customer support.

-New devices install

From smart home technology to high-tech appliances, we offer expert installation services for all your new devices. Trust us for efficient, professional installation and exceptional customer support.

-Wiring repairs

Ensure your home or business is safe and up-to-code with our expert wiring repair and installation services. Trust us for fast, reliable repairs and efficient, high-quality installations.

-Ceiling fan installs

Upgrade your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with our expert ceiling fan installation services. Count on us for professional installation, top-quality equipment, and responsive customer support.

-EV charger installation

Charge your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently with our expert EV charger installation services. Trust us for professional installation, high-quality equipment, and exceptional customer support.

-Attic Fan Installation

Keep your home cool and energy-efficient with our expert attic fan installation services. We’ll help you choose the right fan and ensure proper installation to keep your attic and home comfortable


GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is a critical safety device that protects against electrical shock. Our electrical company specializes in installing and repairing GFCIs to ensure the safety of our clients’ homes and businesses.

-Smoke Detection

Smoke detectors are crucial for early detection of fires, providing valuable time to evacuate safely. Our electrical company offers installation and maintenance services for smoke detectors, ensuring the protection of our clients’ homes and businesses.

-Surge Protection

Surge protection safeguards electronic devices against power surges that can cause damage or shorten their lifespan. Our electrical company specializes in surge protection installation and maintenance, providing peace of mind for our clients.

-Pools and Hot tubs

Our electrical company offers specialized services for pools and hot tubs, ensuring safe electrical installation and maintenance. We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients, providing expertise and exceptional service.

-Electrical Panels

Electrical panel upgrades are crucial for safety and to meet increased power demands. Our electrical company specializes in panel upgrades, providing efficient and reliable service. Trust us to ensure your home or business has a safe and reliable electrical system.

-Circuit Breaker

Trust us for expert Circuit Breaker installation and maintenance. Our team keeps your electrical systems safe and efficient. Choose us for reliable service and peace of mind.

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